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Dominique Lambert

Dominique Lambert is a study in 6 steps of all the people named Dominique Lambert in France, using official tools to represent identity.
21 unfoldable books
Drawings by Benoît Bonnemaison-Fitte
Police photo-fit by Dominique Ledée
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In France, Dominique is the most common name applied to both genders. It is also the 27th most popular name overall. The 27th most popular surname is Lambert. According to the telephone directory, there are 191 Dominique Lambert in France. Stéphanie Solinas sent a letter to each Domnique Lambert requesting that they complete a 'Chinese Portrait' (a metaphorical description of oneself by a comparison with things or elements). For each of the portraits received, a 'written portrait' was developed with the assistance of the Advisory Committee for the Description of Dominique Lambert (composed of a psychologist, a statistician, a police inspector, a lawyer). This text formed the basis of the sketch drawn by the artist Benoît Bonnemaison-Fitte, which was then transformed into a composite picture by Dominique Ledée, police investigator for the Bureau of Criminal Identification. Then, Solinas searched for models who resembled the police photo-fit to photographed them. A sealed envelope containing the passport photograph of the Dominique Lambert author of the 'Chinese Portrait' closes the chain of representation.