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Devenir soi-même
[Becoming oneself]
Hold my breath
Video installation

Variable dimensions
Hold my breath is a triangle of characters Solinas met on her 3000 miles research road trip.
/ Lynn Nadel, chairman of psychology at the University of Arizona, world reference memory specialist, reveals that we travel in our identities as we travel in space.
/ Aubrey de Grey, CEO of Sens Fondation, transhumanist who is seven questions away to solve the problem of death, evokes his ideas about God and the meaning of life.
/ Earnie Frost, Cherokee Indian Red Fire priest takes Solinas to the desert to meet the spirit of a place where Native Americans used to come to give birth.

Le Pourquoi Pas ?
[The Why Not ?] 

Les gens cachés
[Hidden people]
Les gens cachés is the meeting between the French-Icelandic actor Tómas Lemarquis and the words of Ragnhildur Jónsdottir, Icelandic medium introducing Solinas to elves and other invisible beings populating the Hellisgerði park in the outskirts of Reykjavik.

Le Pourquoi Pas ? 
[The Why Not ?]
La dette de l’âme
[The debt of the soul]
How to access invisible realities ? Solinas witnesses Þórhallur Guðmundsson, famous Icelandic medium, having a private sitting with Ragnheidur. The presence of Jane, the deceased friend of Ragnheidur, accompagnies them.

Ne Me Regarde Pas 
[Don’t Look at Me]

Stéphanie Solinas has been invited by Opéra de Paris / 3e Scène to create an original short movie relating to the Paris Opera.

Short movie

Opéra de Paris / 3e Scène
Les Films Pelléas

Winner of the SCAM Experimental Work Prize 2018🎉
Does the Phantom of the Opera really exist ? In order to track him down, Stéphanie Solinas brings together 5 “experts on the invisible” : the director of Palais Garnier’s security, a psychocriminologist, a neurologist specialized in dreams, a medium and a magician. For one night left alone in the Palais Garnier, between reality and illusion, Ne Me Regarde Pas is their investigation.


La Méthode des lieux 
[The Method of loci]
21 mois, Dernier vestige
[21 months, Last vestige]
Based on a recognized sociological tool using photography, Solinas structures filmed encounter with her 13 chosen interviewees — journalist, historian, botanist, archivist, photographer, former Lustucru employee, medium, politician, etc.