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Stéphanie Solinas explores the thinking process involved in the act of “seeing” and the weaving of the visible and the invisible, of science and belief, of the dynamic between the Self and the Other, which shapes our identities. Her field of investigation extends from the 19th century to the 21st century, from the birth of photography to artificial intelligence. Graduate in photography from the ENS Louis Lumière in Paris, PhD in Visual Arts at Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Solinas was artist in residence at Villa Médicis / French Academy in Rome (2017/18) and at Headlands Center for the Arts in San Francisco (2018/19). She is awarded of the Etant Donnés French-American grant for contemporary art, the SCAM Experimental Work Prize for her short movie Ne Me Regarde Pas for Opéra de Paris / 3e Scène, the Edouard Barbe Prize. For 5 years, Solinas was professor of photography at École des Beaux-Arts in Rouen/Le Havre and at Institut of Political Science in Paris. She has published booksDominique Lambert, Sans titre (M.Bertillon)Déserteurs, and coming in October 2020 the Guide du Pourquoi Pas ? Stéphanie Solinas had several solo shows in France and aboard : FraenkelLAB and Headlands Center for the Arts in San Francisco, FOAM fotografie museum in Amsterdam, Rencontres d’Arles, Carré d’Art museum in Nîmes, Eugène-Delacroix national museum, French Photographic Society, Gradiva gallery, La Maison Rouge foundation in Paris, etc. Her work is part of private and public collections, among others SF MOMA, Pier 24 Photography in USA, Centre National des Arts Plastiques, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Musée d’Art Moderne Centre Georges Pompidou, Fonds Régional d’Art Contemporain PACA, Fonds d’Art Contemporain de la Ville de Paris, Collection d'art contemporain de la Seine-Saint-Denis, Musée Nicéphore Niepce in France, Musée de l’Elysée in Switzerland, etc. Since 2014, Stéphanie Solinas is leading Les Aveugles éblouis [The Dazzled blind], a research elaborated as a cartography of identities, between materialism and transcendence. She anchors her investigations on 3 specific territories : Iceland, Italy and USA, to create 3 bodies of works - Le Pourquoi Pas ?, L’Inexpliqué and Devenir soi-même. Stéphanie Solinas is based in Paris, France.