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Devenir soi-même
[Becoming oneself]

On the West Coast of the USA, Devenir soi-même explores the dialogue between science and belief that is inventing the Human to come. Devenir soi-même is a set of pieces organized as a game. Its basic principle is moving forward.
Rio Buenaventura 
2017- in progress
Game for 7 players
Roulette table, photographs, videos, drawings, sculptures, maps, stones and other things
Variable dimensions
On a roulette table that once belonged to the Golden Gate casino in Las Vegas, Solinas created the Rio Buenaventura, a game which name refers to a mythical river that the first maps of the American West situated from the Rocky Mountains to the bay of San Francisco, to go from adventures to stories through images, objects and words that she gathered from mystic Sedona to Silicon Valley.