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[The Unexplained]

L’Inexpliqué considers light both as a phenomenon allowing to see as well as an intangible matter opening up to the invisible. Stéphanie Solinas investigates the concrete forms to access the spiritual - miracles and the process of their recognition as a direct point of contact between science and faith, relics, apparitions -, curious about the creative links between light, vision, incarnation, science and belief. L’Inexpliqué is a set of pieces organized as a constellation. Its basic principle is elevation.
Series of 49 photographs
Variable dimensions

Revenants explores bodies as an access to the spiritual : painted, sculpted, photographed, veiled, appeared, dead, resurrected, venerated, celestial bodies ; the bodies of saints and the bodies of science. Does one need to have a body to have faith ? Where to direct one’s eyes to see the invisible ? What presences populate the sky ? Does photographing with a camera that formerly belonged to a saint change what we look at ?