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L’Austère sentiment
[The Austere feeling]

In L’Art Romantique, Baudelaire writes : “It looked like Delacroix had reserved all his sensitivity, which was virile and deep, for the austere feeling of friendship.” For her carte blanche in the historic studio of the painter Delacroix, Stéphanie Solinas decides to explore friendship, this invisible yet dense space between the Self and the Other. Through an arrangement of new and previous works and Delacroix’paintings, she approaches friendship between beings in lighting of friendship between works.
Portrait de Delacroix d’après l’Autoportrait des Offices
[Portrait of Delacroix after the Self-portrait of the Uffizi]
Oil on canvas mounted on chassis
9 A4 sheets

Solinas installs her commissioned painted copy of the famous Autoportrait des Offices by Delacroix face to face with the copy owned by the museum painted by Delacroix’s cousin, Hippolyte Charles Gaultron.