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Sans titre (M.Bertillon)

Monsieur Bertillon is Alphonse Bertillon, the inventor of forensics and anthropometry, who created in the 1880s in Paris an identification system greatly involving the photographic portrait. First imposed on criminals’ bodies, it is progressively applied to the whole society. In this official portrait of identity, the photograph is here to allow everyone to be recognized and to recognize in turn, and thus organize modern society. In the application of photography to the level of the masses, Bertillon assigned to each one’s own place, paradoxically by introducing at the very surface of our face, through its image, the presence of the Other.
Deux faces
[Two faces]
Mask in archival paper
Bell glass 
Maple wood pentagon
Maple wood pyramid

Sans titre (M.Bertillon) - Deux faces is Alphonse Bertillon’s double portrait (face and profile) taken from his file created in 1893 to promote his identification system and run through a software designed to perform facial analyses. This produced a 3-dimensional interpretation in paper cut into separate pieces and organized to recreate Bertillon’s omniscient gaze as a Janus’ double-sided face.